Having seen Vanina for acupuncture for the last 3+ years (and multiple acupuncturists in Maryland and other states for years prior), I can emphatically say that she is a most-knowledgable, experienced, and skilled practitioner of integrative health. And while that is no small thing, it is just as much her generosity of spirit and ability to genuinely connect with her patients for their best interests that makes her outstanding.  Results: Three years into seeing Vanina for regular treatments, I no longer suffer from debilitating Trigeminal Neuralgia, my physical health and state of mind are in excellent condition and I have specifically been able to lower the number of medications I take (in consult with my medical doctor, of course) as well as sleep better, lose weight, increase energy and activity, cope better with stress, and become free of certain injury-related pain. I cannot imagine a time when I will not benefit from acupuncture treatments with Vanina or not look forward to our appointments. She is a gem who helps people better all aspects of their health.