I am a 38 year old woman, a homemaker and mother. I have a bachelor’s degree in English from an Ivy League college. I have been married for 16 years. I have an excellent internist and an excellent obstetrician. I came to acupuncture with an open mind and great respect for the cultures of the Far East, and the hope that eastern medicine could help me get back my good health.

Two years ago, my body was out of order. I went to my internist, who told me I needed to be getting more sleep each night. She was right — our young children were waking me up regularly — but I realized what I needed was better sleep. The sleep I was getting was very poor quality and I woke up each morning feeling tired. I had had two “irregular cell” pap smears which scared me. I had lost my sense of smell. And I was trying without success to get pregnant and have a third child. I realized that if I was serious about getting pregnant, I needed to get more involved in my healthcare and try a new approach. My internist was very encouraging when I mentioned my interest in trying acupuncture therapy.

I met with Vanina and discussed my situation with her. The following week, I began my treatments. I started with six cleansing and purifying treatments, which were tiring and difficult, one a week for six weeks. Then we began a series of four treatments to build back my energy. I started to notice that I was able to keep up with my young children and stay active until the end of the day. I began to lose weight as a result of my new energy and level of activity. I started to smell things again. My sleep was restful and energizing, and I woke up ready to enjoy my day. Four months after I started treatment with Vanina I became pregnant. I know my return to good health and my pregnancy came from my treatment regimen with Vanina.

I continue to see Vanina twice a month to maintain my good health. My third child, born eight months ago, is the light of my life. Thanks, Vanina!