Are you feeling stuck? Or are you at a crossroads? The place where, you aren’t satisfied and you know staying still is not an option, but you don’t know which road to choose. You feel directionless. If so, you are not alone.

When we were children, we were so clear about what we wanted and what we didn’t want.

As we get older, though, obligations, responsibilities, societal expectations become the primary drivers of our decision-making and we slowly lose touch with what makes our souls sing.

We seem to have lost our internal compass guiding us to happiness. So how do we get it back? Just like when you are lost on the road, all you need is a map, a destination, a navigator, and the courage to change.

Like any map, there are landmarks or signposts that help guide you to various destinations.  In decision-making for a life of fulfillment, the landmarks you must pay attention to are your fulfillment drivers or the handful of needs that are critical to your happiness. Just like with DNA, each of us has a unique set of fulfillment drivers, which a coach can help you identify. Armed with that new knowledge, when you measure your current life against those drivers, you will likely see that your current “stuckness” is a direct result of you neglecting one or a few of the most critical drivers of your happiness.

So now that you know what’s missing, what’s next? You work with your coach to develop a new vision for your life that serves as many of your drivers as possible and still meet your existing life responsibilities. Once that destination is set, designing the steps to reach it flows. Your map now has its destination and the route to get there. All that’s left is to fuel up, get in the car, put your coach in the navigator seat, and drive.


Helen Whitehead, CPCC, is the life, career, and executive coach at Five Stones. She’s adept at getting people “unstuck”, building framework for them to achieve their goals, and generating a cycle of positivity.